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ASUS ROG PG259QNR eSports NVIDIA G-SYNC Gaming Monitor ? 24.5 inch FHD ,360 Hz, Fast IPS, 1ms (GTG), HDR, NVIDIA ULMB (3Y)(Nvidia Reflex+Desk mount kit)


  • 24.5-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) fast IPS gaming monitor with 360 Hz refresh rate designed for professional esports gamers
  • ASUS Fast IPS technology enables a 1 ms response time (GTG) for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates.
  • NVIDIA? G-SYNC? processor provides smooth, tear-free gaming at refresh rates up to 360 Hz
  • An intelligent cooling system featuring a custom heatsink provide more surface area for heat exchange, ensuring efficient cooling during marathon gaming sessions.
  • HDR10 compatible for color and brightness that exceed that of ordinary monitor
  • Available in Gamepro
  • Nvidia Reflex+Desk mount kit

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