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ASUS ZenScreen Stand MTS02D / Ergonomic stand / Tilt, Pivot, Height adjustments / (1/4″ Tripod Socket Compatible)

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ASUS ZenScreen Stand MTS02D – Ergonomic stand, Tilt, Pivot, Height adjustments, 1/4" Tripod Socket compatible
Highly ergonomic stand with tilt, pivot and height adjustment for a better eye level makes it versatile and comfortable to use.
Compatible with ASUS ZenScreen portable monitor, ROG Strix portable gaming monitor includes: MB16QHG, MB17AHG, MQ13AH, MB14AC, MB165B, MB166B, MB166C, MB16AH, MB16AH-J, MB16AHT, MB16ACV, MB16AWP, MQ16AH, XG16AHP, XG16AHPE, XG17AHP, XG17AHPE
1/4" Tripod Socket compatible.