When you first create a PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. account, you will be required to provide some information and data for registration purpose. We will create a unique identification number linking your account with the associated information. This account can then be used to sign in or sign out of PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Websites. Furthermore, this account may be required by PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. to provide you with additional services such as notifications, support, and product after sales services

You may also sign into the PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Website using your Facebook or Google account. If you elect to do so, some of your social media account information will be collected and stored on our servers for verification purposes when signing into PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Websites. Please note that we only store basic information to validate whether the social media account you provided is valid. We will not store any other data or activity from your social media account. You may disassociate your social media account from PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Website accounts by contacting our online customer support for assistance.


In order to provide you with the best experiences for our products and services, we may need to collect some information from you in a number of ways. You may directly provide information to us, such as when new PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Website accounts are created, when you register to participate in online or offline events on PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Websites, or when you contact us for support. In addition, we may indirectly collect some information based on your interaction with our services through the use of web analytic tools (as explained in greater detail below) and from our server reports. The types of data we collect may be broken down into the following types, which may be updated from time to time.

Name and Basic Contact Information

We collect your email address, password, name, and similar data. Other types of data you voluntary disclose to us include your purchased product, address, postal code, and phone number (which may be required for support service).

Demographic Information

We collect your language, and other voluntary information such as gender, date of birth, education, and profession.

Location Data

We may collect your location data through direct or indirect means. We may collect location data you provide us, including your country and address. In addition, we may collect more specific location based data from your device GPS function to enable services such as the “where to buy” service. The “where to buy” option available on PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Websites or PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. software applications may be turned on by default if your device GPS is enabled. The GPS information will only be accessed when you activate the PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Website or application function. We will not store your GPS information.

Content Data

We collect data you give us, including your feedback, forum posting, email messages, document contents, reviews, questionnaires, survey responses, online chat logs, and phone conversations, so that we may provide you services such as customer support, product service, or online support.

Minor Information

We do not collect PID or any information from individuals who are minors, or any such legal equivalent as defined by applicable law. If you are a minor, we require your parent or legal guardian’s written consent to be submitted along with your data or information.


We use the collected data for a number of applications, such as providing and improving services for you, communicating with you, and conducting internal research. The specific ways we use your information are enumerated below, which may be updated from time to time.

Providing Services and Internal Analysis

Your data is required for us to operate, maintain, and improve our services. We will be able to provide personalized product recommendations and features of interest to you, while at the same time localizing such options to a region closest to you.We may also use your product and content data to help diagnose product issues, and help you obtain a smooth and effective customer care that aims to shorten any repair or support timeframe.Your data is important to us as we use it for internal analysis, including market intelligence, product development, and service improvements. Armed with such information, we can better understand our operations, improve our businesses, and create new, innovative products and services.

Communications and Advertising

We may use your information to deliver personalized communications to you, including provision of services and advertisement. Based on your data, we may locate suitable promotions, products, or events that may be of interest to you. We may contact you via email or other communication means you consented to in order to keep you updated. We may also contact you to let you know the status of a support or service activity, or if your forum posts have been responded to.

Data Retention and Sharing

We will use reasonable commercial effort to protect your data against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, and destruction. Your data will be stored until we cease our services or until your request to delete your account. Our services may be enabled through authorized third parties. For example, the PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Website(s) may be held on servers maintained by third party service providers engaged by PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.. We may need to share some of your data such as PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. account information and login data in order for such third parties to process, provide, and complete the necessary transaction or service you requested. Such third party providers are required to abide by our privacy and security requirements.

Additionally, we may engage authorized third party advertising agencies to provide services on our behalf. In such cases, we may provide your PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. account contact information to such third party providers to permit them to direct advertising or marketing services on our behalf to you.

Legal Compliance. We may be required to share your data in compliance with applicable law, or in response to valid legal requests by courts or government agencies. Furthermore, we may share your information only if such disclosure is necessitated to protect against spam, attempts to defraud our customers, attempts to attack our network or systems, or attempts to violate applicable law, including the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Mergers. Your data may be shared in the event PRO CONCEPTS TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. enters into a merger with another business entity. However, your data will be subject to confidentiality protection prior to the merger transfer.