ASUS ROG Scabbard II Gaming Mouse Pad


  • ROG Scabbard II
  • The ROG Scabbard II gaming mouse pad with protective nano coating for a water-, oil-and dust-repellent surface, with anti-fray, flat-stitched edges and a non-slip rubber base. Available in medium and extended sizes
  • -Military grade protective nano coating provides a water-, oil- and dust-repellent surface, and ensures a smooth mouse-glide
  • -Anti-fray, flat-stitched edges
  • -Narrow-stitch frame design ensures long-lasting durability and neater aesthetic
  • Dimensions :
  • -EXTENED:900(L) * 400(W) * 3(H) mm
  • -MEDIUM : 360(L) * 260(W) * 3(H) mm


EXTENED?900(L) * 400(W) * 3(H) mm, MEDIUM : 360(L) * 260(W) * 3(H) mm