[Free Gift] CoolerMaster CK352 Wired Gaming Keyboard (2Y)

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Reliable Mechanical Switches: Dominate in any type of game with mechanical switches good for 50 million keystrokes. All the responsiveness, accuracy, and tactile satisfaction you can handle.


RGB Backlighting and Side Lightbars: Per-key LEDs with multiple lighting modes and effects combined with classy embience Lightbars on the side to highlight all your dominating killstreaks.


Dual Keycap Color Scheme: Combination of black and gray creates the perfect blend of aesthetics. Perfect for both at the office or home.


On-the-Fly Controls: Make real-time adjustments to lighting or access quick media controls with no software necessary so you can stay in-game and focus on getting kills.


Sleek, Aluminum Body: Sandblasted aluminum body offers understated aesthetics for maximum durability and minimal flashiness..Standard Layout : No need for keyboard enthusiasts to worry since the CK352 comes with a standard layout and bottom row for all your keycap customization needs.