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[Free Gift] Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse – LIGHTSPEED Wireless 910-006107 (2Y)

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  • Introducing G303 Shroud Edition—the remaster of our iconic mouse. Featuring LIGHTSPEED, it delivers ultra-low latency and reliable performance. Helping Shroud and you take aim. With HERO 25K Sensor, Shroud’s G303 is built for precision and speed, without sacrificing energy. G303 Shroud Edition weighs 75 grams, made for low-sensitivity DPI and faster aiming. Designed in collaboration with Shroud, the new G303 perfectly matches his specs and includes our latest pro-grade technology.
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  • -Designed with Shroud > Collaboratively redesigned to Shroud’s specs and engineered for elevated performance, the new G303 is a mouse built to take aim.
  • -Made-for-play Weight > At 75 grams, Shroud’s G303 is lightweight and robust. It pairs well with low-sensitivity DPI settings and allows for faster targeting.
  • -Wireless Freedom > Featuring LIGHTSPEED, our pro-grade wireless technology that delivers ultra-low latency and the ultimate in reliable performance.
  • -HERO 25K Sensor > Without sacrificing energy, the HERO 25K Sensor brings unrivaled precision, speed, and efficiency to the playing field.
  • -More sustainable > Certified carbon neutral: the carbon impact of the product and packaging has been reduced to zero.

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