NEW Razer Strider Hybrid Gaming Mouse Mat Available in L or XXL Anti-Slip & Water Resistant (1Y)


  • Firm Gliding Surface
  • Unlike traditional fabric mats which are known for their stopping power, the Razer Strider also has the smooth, even glide of a hard surface—allowing for agile movement that’s just as precise.
  • Anti-slip Base
  • At 3mm thick, the mat cushions your wrists and reduces fatigue during gaming marathons, while its grippy underside is reinforced with a grooved pattern to truly anchor it to your desk.
  • Rollable and Portable
  • The Razer Strider can be rolled up and easily stored, yet remains perfectly flat when laid out as the mat’s thickness prevents it from warping.
  • Anti-fraying Stitched Edges
  • The Razer Strider has protective stitching along its edges to prevent any fraying that might result from intense use or travel.
  • Water-resistant
  • The surface of the Razer Strider can shrug off any spills, which also makes for easy routine cleaning with a quick wipe down.
  • Available in L & XXL
  • Whichever option you choose, the Razer Strider’s generous surface area gives you more space to swipe—a huge plus for gamers who favor lower DPIs.
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