ASUS ROG Tessen Gaming Controller for Android


Transform your smartphone into a gaming powerhouse with the ASUS ROG Tessen gaming controller for Android. Boasting an innovative foldable design, this controller makes a compact companion for gaming on the move. With plug-and-play simplicity, your phone, even with its case, effortlessly slots right in. The two rear paddles offer enhanced control by executing complex commands.


* ROG Tessen can support phones with cases, up to a thickness of 7-14.5 mm. Certain cases featuring ring holder or strap design may not be compatible with the control.

* Charging speed may vary based on phone type, battery level, cable, and adapter used.

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Unique foldable design: ROG Tessen can be easily folded and slipped into a bag or pocket; it securely holds the phone in a landscape orientation and safeguards the Type-C connector from damage when installing the phone.

Customizable Software and ROG Button : Enjoy advanced customization via Armoury Crate; enable button remaps, adjust lighting, and configure the ROG Button to specific preferences.

Compatible with phone cases: The rubber support pads and extended Type-C design allows users to plug-and-play, without having to remove the phone case. *

18W fast pass-through charging: Play and charge simultaneously to keep the phone battery topped up and ready for endless entertainment. *

Console-grade controls: 22° range of movement and 18 mm-tall right stick offer finer, more precise control; the grip handles’ ergonomic, outward-extended design ensures comfort during long gaming sessions.

Aluminum rear paddles: Programmable on the fly or within the Armoury Crate app, the paddles allow for easy execution of complex in-game commands.